Street Art for the Planet

$ 19.95

Activism and street art have been fellow travelers for ages and as it turns out the concerns of environmentalists are particularly well suited for direct visual actions in the streets. A sequel to the bestselling Street Art in the Time of CoronaStreet Art for the Planet collects the work of activist street artists including Blu, Pejac, Elle, OSCH, RNST, Wrdsmith, ROA, and Banksy alongside the work of eco street art pioneers from the 1960s to the present. Major themes addressed by the artists include: global warming, loss of habitat, green movements crushed by oppressive states, rising sea levels, displaced communities and climate refugees, air pollution, petroleum addiction, effects of drought, corporate greenwash and more. This grabby little book makes a strong case that street art is the most effective art form for highlighting the threats faced by our fragile planet.

Hardcover | 128 pages.