Souper Dress Luggage Tag 2 x 3.33"

$ 14.99

This 2" x 3.33" aluminum luggage tag features the Campbell Soup Company's Souper Dress, featured in the exhibition Generation Paper: Fast Fashion of the 1960s. Perfect to fashionably accessorize your luggage.

Generation Paper: Fast Fashion of the 1960s explores the phenomenon of the disposable fashion era through more than 80 rare garments and accessories selected entirely from the Museum’s comprehensive fashion-design collection, which is home to one of the leading collections of paper fashion in the United States. The exhibition showcases dresses, bikinis, skirts, hats, jumpsuits, rompers, beach cover-ups, and more made from paper, plastic, laminate, and other disposable materials, many of which were highly flammable although coated in flame-retardant chemicals.