Seashell Tenugui Scarf

$ 100.00

Based in Copenhagen, the capital of Denmark, this Tenugui Scarf will complement your daily styling.  Designed by Thomas Ricke from OeO design studio these individually handcrafted works of art are made to last using traditional techniques including the "Chusen" dyeing technique.

Tenugui cloth has been part of Japanese lifestyle throughout the centuries, and is versatile in its applications.  It is a routine commodity and an understated piece of traditional handicraft, used in daily life.

The “Chusen” dyeing technique pours dye onto cloth so that it is seeped all the way through.  It is Japan’s unique technique, established and spread in the Meiji Period.
Since each strand of cotton is dyed all the way through, the finished cloth does not harden, achieving excellent absorbency and quick-drying property.
The resulting patterns have no front or back, making the cloth reversible.  This technique is a manual process, handled by craftsmen. Weather and humidity in the air affects the finish.  Years of experience allow craftsmen to adjust dyes and the thickness of starchy paste according to the day’s temperature and weather.
The result is individually unique pieces of cloth, presenting a look and feel that could only be achieved with delicate craftsmanship in harmony with nature.

  • Measures: Approximately 13" x 70"
  • 100% Cotton
  • Made in Japan
  • Repeated washing will make the texture richer.
  • The edges are not sewn so that you can enjoy the texture of the Tenugui.