Eugy Red Tyrannosaurus 3D Puzzle + Model Kit

$ 17.99

This tiny 3D puzzle features a tyrannosaurus' long and big head and portrays its tyrant behavior with sharp claws and teeth on full display! However, unlike common portrayal, paleontologists have found that they are not as fast as we thought - humans could have outrun a T-rex! Inspired by our unofficial mascot that greets all visitors in Museum's entry plaza.

  • Eugys are specially designed to be mindful of our earth. Created with recycled cardboard and rice-based inks, children can learn the value of sustainably developed toys and games.
  • Experience these great tools for homeschool parents or as projects in the classroom. Teach children how to sort pieces, follow instructions and secure the puzzle with non-toxic glue.
  • Enhance spatial understanding with puzzles that are in three dimensions. Creations come to life with this untraditional method of completing a kids puzzle.
  • Choosing and placing puzzle pieces builds fine motor skills. Additionally, cognitive skills such as planning and problem-solving can all be enhanced by working on Eugy puzzles.