Poketo Label Maker Kit

$ 85.00

KING JIM is a manufacturer of information organization products with its core products being filing products and electronic stationery. Since its inception, they have created a series of new products with the intent of helping you "make something that doesn't exist in the world". They are committed to contributing to society by developing original products and creating a new stationery culture. Their flagship device is the gia award-winning TEPRA Lite, a Palm-sized Label Printer that can easily create labels straight from your smartphone via Bluetooth.

KING JIM has now collaborated with POKETO to develop special edition TEPRA Lite tape cartridges. Combining their desire to infuse art and design in everyday life, these tapes are perfect for the creative in your life or if you want to add an extra pop to your stationery or organization.

Set includes on Tepra Lite Label Printer and 3 rolls of Poketo label tape

Connects to your smartphone via Bluetooth. Labels can be designed and edited directly from the app.