Obscuro Corazon Mug

$ 60.00

Start your day off right with the Obscuro Corazon Heart Mug. Whether it's for yourself, a loved one, or a friend, this mug is sure to bring love and joy to your morning routine. Hand-crafted with love by master Rufina Ruiz from Atzompa.

The OaxacaXamor project was born out of love: love for a place, its traditions, culture, colors and flavors, and most of all, its people
The black color of the clay is due from the reduction of oxygen in the traditional oven, giving it a beautiful finish.

H: 4.25" W: 3.5"

Creator: Taller Ruiz Lopez
Country: Mexico
Community: Santa Maria Atzompa
Technique: Rustic Pottery
Material: Clay