Diabolix Bottle Opener

$ 25.00

This happy devil is a fun addition to any bar, and its jaws will bite off the most recalcitrant of bottle-caps.

7" L | 2.25" w

The Diabolix Bottle opener from Alessi was created as part of the F.F.F. (Family Follows Fiction) metaproject, an operation in the early 1990s that aimed to explore the affective structure of shapes and objects, starting from the idea of reproducing the object creation process followed by children and primitive cultures. The Diabolix bottle opener was a great success, perhaps because it married the creative energies of Centro Studi Alessi with a traditional object from the Alessi catalogue.

  • Design: Biagio Cisotti
  • Body is made from durable plastic
  • Teeth crafted from stainless steel
  • Black