Dear Charlie Banana Tree

$ 140.00

A contemporary branch for hanging bananas. Not only is the Alessi Dear Charlie Banana Holder a sleek sculpture for the kitchen, it also happens to provide the ideal method for keeping those bananas--or any other hangable fruit--fresh and edible for longer by keeping them out of contact with the ripening gases of other fruit.

Alessi, known as the Italian design factory, has manufactured household products since 1921. The stylish and fun items offered are the result of contemporary partnerships with some of the world's best designers of unique and modern home accessories.

  • Made of chrome-plated zamak
  • Rubber-bottomed base
  • Designed in collaboration with Cranbrook Academy of Art
  • Designed by John Truex, 2012
  • Item: Height 11", Width 6.5", Depth 3.75"