Dan Graham: Not Yet Realised Pavilion Drawings

$ 29.99

One of the most influential American conceptual artists of the late 1960s, Dan Graham (born 1942) is particularly celebrated for his pavilions: interactive spaces that walk the line between sculpture and architecture, many of which include the use of two-way mirrors or “looking-glasses.” These installations allow the visitor to ponder himself or herself in the mirror as they walk through the pavilion, watch as others inspect their own reflections, or even catch another’s eye through the glass. Not Yet Realised: Pavilion Drawings, published on the occasion of the 2012 exhibition Dan Graham’s Pavilions at the Lisson Gallery in London, presents numerous drawings and proposals for possible future pavilions. Some of the plans are thoroughly developed, with straight lines and precise measurements, while other more quickly drawn sketches capture his initial ideas as they arise.

Paperback, 94 pages.