Cranberry Hoop Post Earrings - Michael Michaud Design

$ 105.00

Michael Michaud's Cranberry Hoop Earrings by Silver Seasons is a brilliant and contemporary way to show off your love of nature as well as your daring sense of style. Rich, vibrant freshwater pearl "berries" add playful charm to the elegant hand-patinaed cast bronze earrings, and pay tribute to the gorgeous hues of the organic world. Give it as a one-of-a-kind gift.

The Cranberry is a firm, sour, edible, red berry. It is the fruit of certain species of the genus Vaccinium that grow in bogs and marshes. 

Materials: The Cranberry earrings are cast in hand patinated bronze and accented with cranberry freshwater pearls.

Measures: 1.75" L x 1.3" W


Michael Michaud began his career at the prestigious Rochester Institute of Technology's school for American craftsmen, and graduated in 1980. Over the years, Michael has developed his unique and highly recognizable Michael Michaud Jewelry line. He begins each piece by creating a model from natural elements and then transforms these models into his beautiful jewelry collection. Each exquisitely detailed piece is crafted in the USA, using high quality bronze, sterling silver or gold, and various natural stones and pearls, and cast in bronze using the artisan's special lost wax technique.