Crafty Chica Enamel Pins

$ 12.99

If you collect enamel pins - you'll love these new designs from the Crafty Chica!

The alebrije pin to bring you lots of magical and festive energy.

"Buena Vida" is meant to bring you a good life of abundance and joy

The Amiga angel pin says "paz (peace), amor (love), and vida (life)." It's meant to bring you lots of good intention and love everywhere you go!

These soft enamel pins measures 2" and have two pins on the back with black rubber clasps. The have a nice, solid weight and lots of detail!

LIMITED EDITION. These are limited batch made, once they are gone, they are gone! 

About the Artist

Kathy Cano-Murillo (the Crafty Chica) and her husband, Patrick Murillo (the Mantastic Artist) have been making “Latino-flava-ed arte” since the early 1990s. They call it "Chicano Pop Art" as a nod to their Mexican-American culture and heritage. All items are lovingly designed and handmade by Kathy and Patrick in their Arizona studio. 

In 2001, Kathy launched, a wildly popular web site to inspire women to brighten their lives with clever lifestyle ideas. The site began as an online diary about juggling family, a full-time job as a newspaper reporter and a craft designer by night. has evolved into a well-rounded lifestyle site that is anchored in DIY and crafts, but also embraces books, shopping, fashion, business, movies, food, travel, beauty, tech, family life and more.