Tom Budzak Medium Lidded Jars

$ 150.00

Artist Statement

My clay work is strongly influenced by traditional ceramic objects. Because of my interests in these forms a main portion of my work relies on wheel thrown and hand-built objects with some utilization of slip casting. Using a variety of techniques allows me to play with the surface of my pieces in a much more freeing and organic way. I feel this allows me to experiment with object shape to create new and different takes on classic ideas. I find inspiration from traditional ceramic shapes, revising the forms I admire the most and make them my own. I use highly colorful underglazes and textural glazes to further push my work into a unique form. These techniques allow me to experiment with particular forms in a series, like the teapot form. I high-fire my pieces in a cone 10 reduction to achieve textured glazes and I often do multiple firings. I am also greatly influenced by contemporary ceramics and continue to expand my horizons as I continue to make new artwork.

Approximately 8" H x 5" diameter
Colors and sizes may vary slightly
Handmade in Tempe, Arizona