Judith Amiel-Bendheim Ceramic Vases

$ 50.00


Judith was born in Jerusalem Israel, and graduated from The Hebrew University with a bachelors degree in pharmaceutical science and a MBA from Ono Academic College. Before becoming a ceramic and jewel artist, she practiced as a pharmacist in both the private and public sectors

Through her pharmaceutical work, she had the opportunity to travel widely in Europe, Asia and the USA. This exposure to diverse cultures and their varied artistic traditions serves as a major influence in her artistic and culinary endeavors.

In 2007, she moved to Phoenix AZ, with her husband, a native Arizonian.  At that time, she decided to devote all her professional time to art.  She creates unique and original ceramic and jewelry pieces. Her ceramics range from purely sculptural to utilitarian. The jewelry is created mainly from found pieces and beads that come from places she has visited worldwide.