Conservation Concerns in Fashion Collections: Caring for Problematic Twentieth-Century Textiles, Apparel, and Accessories

$ 35.00

Continuous innovation and experimentation with the materials used in constructing textiles, apparel, and accessories creates an ever-growing challenge for professional curators and collectors. Recognizing problematic fibers, dyes, finishes, and fabric and yarn constructions is crucial for maintaining objects’ appearance, minimizing deterioration, and isolating those that are potentially harmful to other objects.

A comprehensive guide to problematic 20th-century textiles, Conservation Concerns in Fashion Collections provides a manual for the identification, care, and damage reduction of seven different categories of objects and textiles. Robust in their research, Kelly L. Reddy-Best and Margaret T. Ordoñez guide readers through the damaging properties of various materials such as adhesives and plastics and provide textile-specific cleaning, storage, and exhibition advice. This essential reference is easy to navigate and includes scores of helpful photographs to illustrate each topic. 

Conservation Concerns in Fashion Collections is perfect for textile collection managers, curators, and conservators as well as graduate students considering both the history and preservation of such items.

Many items featured in this book are from the collection of Phoenix Art Museum!

Paperback, 160 pages.