Block Pick Up Sticks

$ 48.00

Delight in a timeless classic game of patience with this set of 49 wooden sticks and a wooden block stand. Once you win, savor the quiet moment you have to re-arrange them into a modern art piece. Craft different patterns with the richly-hued sticks, designed with a modernist hue. When placed in the stand, it will create an elegant display just waiting for the next game. But before that, here are the rules ...

1. Hold all the sticks vertically then drop them so that they land in a random pile.
2. Each player then tries to remove one stick from the pile without disturbing any of the others. The different colour sticks each have a different value - see below for our points system!
3. The player keeps picking up sticks until they disturb any others apart from the one they are aiming for. Then it's onto the next player.
4. Once all the sticks have been picked up add up the scores. The player with the most points wins!

Black: 20 Grey: 10 Yellow: 5 Red: 5 Blue: 2 White: 1

215 x 68 mm
8.5 x 2.7 inches