And the Land Grew Quiet New Work by Matthew Moore

$ 24.99

Catalogue to accompany the exhibition, "And the Land Grew Quiet: New Work by Matthew Moore.

" An Arizona-based artist and farmer, Matthew Moore (b. 1976) is the last of four generations to farm his family’s land. Through his art, using the legacy and scale of Land Art, Moore explores the loss of farmland to urban growth in the metropolitan Phoenix area, as well as contemporary consumers’ alienation from the basic principles of agriculture. And the Land Grew Quiet: New Work by Matthew Moore represents an innovative and new direction in Moore’s work, contrasting the cycles of development and speculation in our own time with those of the Great Depression by mixing technology and nature as well as fiction and history. It is conceived as a single project that maps urban growth on the land and nature’s resistance to the man-made within the sublime context of the harsh but awe-inspiring landscape and climate of central Arizona. 

  • Hardcover
  • 140 pages
  • Phoenix Art Museum, 2012