A Century of Retablos: The Dennis & Janis Lyon Collection of New Mexican Santos, 1780-1880

$ 49.99

Over the past decade, tremendous attention has been focused on the arts of 18th and 19th century New Mexico. This period, prior to statehood in 1912, is termed colonial and benefited from a creative and religious culture that populated the region. Retablos, painted panels depicting the various saints worshipped in the churches and private homes, were an important part of the rich history. This catalogue is the premier publication of an exceptional and rare collection and fully represents the breadth of retablos painting. Introductory essays describing the art and religious values as well as religious dimensions of specific artists' intent and stylistic development are captured. Individual descriptive entries examining the iconography and social history of each painting complete the presentation which will be of great use to the ongoing study of southwestern art, history and collecting.

Hardcover, 242 pages.