Nick Bernard Ceramic Orbs

$ 195.00

Artist Statement

Form is everything; I stretch clay to make canvases for decoration. Texture, pattern and color are successful additions when the shapes are impeccable. My inspirations are many, from the classic forms of antiquity to the simple, graceful pots made by indigenous peoples and the work of modern studio potters.

This current body of work deals mostly with simple clean form. Dramatic color, graphic pattern and subtle texture accentuate what I hope is a mastery of the traditional vessel form regardless of the clays and firing. 

Technical Description

Thrown earthenware, with layers of textured slip, colored slips and oxides.Multiple gas or electric firings in oxidation to cone 03 or approximately 2000F.

Also Cone10 reduction, gas firings to 2350F. with Porcelain and White Stoneware.