Iona Arch Earring

$ 85.00

Are you an architecture? These earrings will transport you to the historic Alhambra in Spain with their beautiful arched design. Made of hand-painted acrylic, they have a silky smooth matte finish that resembles the look and feel of stone, but without the weight. The earwires are available in either hand formed gold-fill. They measure .5"W x 2.5"L and are made of 65% upcycled acrylic.

About Bird of Virtue

Designed + Crafted by Hand in California || Established in 2012, Bird of Virtue jewelry is handmade by Bay-area artist Linnea Oliver. Inspired by geometric elements found in the everyday – architecture, nature, travel, urban life – Linnea's collections reflect her love for mid-century design + pay tribute to the simple, quiet elegance of her Scandinavian heritage. Meticulously hand-painted and made of solid, USA-sourced hardwoods + hand-finished 65% upcycled acrylics. Each piece is finished on oxidized sterling silver / gold fill hardware.