Vanishing Cuba (Silver Edition)

$ 95.00

VANISHING CUBA is a visual storytelling book by American photographer Michael Chinnici. The collection depicts the changes Cuba faces as it emerges from more than 60 years of isolation and decay. Michael's 24 trips to Cuba have yielded tens of thousands of photographs, thought-provoking, and emotional stories, and created lifelong friendships. Vanishing Cuba is about capturing the past, present, and future of Cuba, and even more so, about capturing the "Soul of Cuba". Michael's love affair with Cuba and the Cuban people clearly comes through in this compelling and beautifully produced book.

This long-awaited large-format coffee table book features over 300 images. Each beautifully handcrafted book is produced with stories in both English and Spanish, with Cuban friends helping guide the narrative. Michael's style of photography captures the Soul of Cuba in the most authentic, endearing, beautiful, and honest light.

This book is printed in Italy to the highest standards using the finest papers and most advanced printing technology. The book's color images are printed using a 7-color Spectra7 system to provide the most vibrant colors, and the book's black & white images are printed using a 3-black TriTon System, delivering superior b&w images with breathtaking results.

Hardcover | 348 pages.