All the Colors Lift-a-Flap Book

$ 14.99

Seafoam, scarlet, violet, and more! There's a world full of other colors to explore! Learn all the colors beyond the rainbow with this lively, interactive large Lift-a-Flap.  Expand teaching colors for toddlers and introduce exciting new shades! This big book of colors starts with learning traditional primary and secondary colors, then expands a step further with fun shades and blending! An entertaining and educational introduction to the beautiful and bold world of colors filled with fun facts, new words, and adorable animal friends

  • Sturdy, thick board pages and durable flaps designed to withstand traditional wear and tear for curious little toddlers learning about colors.
  • Tons of Lift-a-Flap surprises to explore! All 37 interactive flap components include fun facts and new vocabulary words for an enhanced learning experience.
  • Introduces little ones to various shades of secondary colors using familiar objects and scenes. Lively illustrations keep preschoolers and toddlers engaged and entertained while learning colors and expanding vocabulary.
  • Lifting flaps open & shut provides a tactile experience to strengthen hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills for little children.