Set of 4 Calligraphy Brushes

$ 49.99

In Chinese culture, the four jewels of the study are the brush, ink, paper, and inkstone. These fine natural hair calligraphy brushes will enhance any calligraphy project and are hand made by an award winning brush master. Handles and fittings are fashioned from bamboo, wood, horn, lacquer, and porcelain with hairs of goat, badger, horse, squirrel and rooster feathers.

This beautiful Chinese calligraphy set includes four full size Chinese calligraphy brushes.

Chinese Calligraphy / Painting Brushes: The brushes should be soaked in water for 10-15 minutes prior to their first use. After each use, the brushes should be cleaned, and the original "point" can be reestablished simply by using your fingers to create a point while still wet.