Nazar Battu Watch

$ 179.00

Crafted by South Asian queer visual artist Jag Nagra, this timepiece showcases a face inspired by world-renowned Nazar Battu masks. Commonly placed at doorways in India to protect against malignant forces, the creation of the Nazar Battu Watch endeavors to keep such negativity at arm's length.

The face of the watch presents a wonderfully unconventional way of telling time, with a few perks. A circular cut-out reveals the hours as the mask completes two full rotations per day. An image of a scorpion functions as the minute hand, finding its way to the mask’s tongue once per hour. At 3:00pm, a lightning bolt is revealed to give the wearer an extra jolt of energy to get you through the rest of the day. At 8:00am and pm, a crescent moon is revealed to transition from morning to mid-morning, or to begin winding down from evening to night. 

“I grew up with the notion of ‘nazar’ and wanted to create a fashion accessory that you could wear with you all the time to ward off the evil eye,” explains Nagra. “Whether you’re at the office getting ready for a big presentation, or getting dressed for a wedding, everyone can use a little protection in their day-to-day lives.”

The Nazar Battu Watch is made from stainless steel and silicone. It has a 40mm case and a 9.5l band.