Felt "Paper" Doll Starter Kit

$ 32.00

This easy-to-carry sturdy cardboard case holds something very special and fun.... a  "paper doll" kit containing dolls made of a thick, pressed felt. Unlike paper, they will not rip or fall apart. Their included outfits are backed with the felt, too, for sturdiness - but with a colorful outfit on the front side. Made with plant-based fibers, the outfits feel like soft cotton! Mimicking the real world, these dolls have a variety of skin colors, and hair colors and styles. 

Each Kit comes with one Doll of your choice, in a reusable cardboard case, with a braided handle; 7 apparel pieces, packaged in outfits, in glassine envelopes; and a sprinkle of tissue-paper confetti...  just for the fun of it!

Recommended for ages 3+

Size: Cylinder Carry-case is approximately 9.75" tall + 3" in diameter.