Blackwing Vol. 7 - The Animation Pencil

$ 30.00

The Story of Blackwing Vol. 7

From whistling mice and rascally rabbits, to pocket-sized monsters and talking sponges, animation has given life to countless memorable characters. It is a storytelling medium bound only by the limits of our imagination giving it infinite possibilities.

The Blackwing Vol. 7 is a tribute to animation and the incredible stories it lets us tell. Each pack of 12 pencils comes with six different designs. Each pencil includes a black ferrule, gold clip, orange eraser, and our balanced graphite.

When stacked side by side and viewed through the viewfinder included inside every pack, the pencils combine to become a seven-frame "picket fence animation" revealing Chuck Jones' iconic Wile E. Coyote.

Set of 12 pencils