Asian Zodiac Decoration Kit

$ 45.00

The twelve animals of the Asian zodiac were created as a way of representing time, specifically the lunar calendar. According to Chinese mythology the twelve animals of the Asian zodiac were chosen by the Jade Emperor, who held a race amongst the animals of the world, choosing the first twelve animals to cross the finish line to represent a year of the 12-year cycle.

This delightful DIY kit features all 12 zodiac animals for you to paint, assemble and use to decorate your home for Oshogatsu or to hang as ornaments all year round!  The kit comes with two pieces of unpainted pre-cut plywood and instructions for assembly. The individual animals of the zodiac range in size from 3.25” – 7.” You will need your own paint brushes (assorted thicknesses), acrylic paints, glue, emery board, and string for hanging if desired.

Works great with Posca Acrylic Paint Markers!