13 Fashion Styles Children Should Know

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This fun and informative book on major fashion styles from the early 20th century to today is the perfect accessory for budding fashion enthusiasts everywhere. Many of today’s top designers can trace their obsession with fashion to their early years—but they didn’t have a book like this to help and inspire them. Spanning a century, this book focuses on the trends and styles that marked a definitive shift in how people dressed. Lively spreads filled with illustrations, sidebar information, important events, and designer profiles allow readers to watch hemlines and shoulder pads rise and fall, understand the effects of culture and history, and trace the origins of popular trends such as Harajuku, preppy, and hipster. An excellent introduction to fashion history for young readers, this book is a visual guide to the changing styles that have defined the past 100 years.

Hardcover, 48 pages.