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Tranquility Sound Machine

$ 79.99

Create a healing & restful space with natural sounds

Ever climb into bed, only to lie there wishing you could fall asleep?  Struggle concentrating on work or an important task?  Have a little one who cannot nap?  The Tranquility Sound Machine can help.  

Avoid sleepless nights! The calming & soothing sound options of the Tranquility Sound Machine can mask irritating noises that interrupt sleep, protecting peaceful & restful sleep. Furthermore, the sounds can help you fall asleep faster and go back to sleep more easily if woken up!  

Complete with 8 sounds, you can mix two or more together for a completely unique experience. Whether sleeping, taking a nap, relaxing or concentrating on work, the Tranquility Sound Machine has a timer that can play all night/day or automatically turn off in 30, 60 or 90 minutes. Headphone jack allows user to listen in private.

The Tranquility Sound Machine is also a Bluetooth Speaker where you can listen to your favorite music.  Speaker cannot be used simultaneously with white noises.

Power: DC5V/2.0A (use by connecting USB) 

Connection: Bluetooth 4.2

Maximum communication range: approx. 10m 

Size: approx. 7.3"W x 3"L x 3"H

Accessories: USB cable approx. 59" (Type-C)