Computer Mouse Area Rug

$ 24.99

These mousepad "rugs" are different. While not woven like traditional rugs, they are made from a unique process that uses vibrantly colored nylon fibers (not printed with ink) so they don't fade with normal use. They are similar to high pile carpet only on a miniature scale and make the perfect "classic" accessory to any office setup.

Deep Blue Bergamo: This design is inspired by the Bergamo rugs, woven in western Turkey, north of Izmir. This is the site of the ancient Greek kingdom of Pergamum, which flourished in the 2nd and 3rd centuries BC. The original carpet is woven from wool with classic terra cotta and deep blue colors derived from locally made vegetable dyes. This stunning design is reproduced by license from Arthur T. Gregorian Oriental Rugs located “A little part of Persia in Newton Lower Falls, Massachusetts”

William Morris Carpet: One of the founders of the Arts and Crafts movement, William Morris (British, 1834–1896) designed beautiful, handcrafted household objects that elevated decorative pieces to the realm of fine art. Using nature for his inspiration, Morris sought to "turn a room into a bower, a refuge." The English countryside, with its hedgerows and native field and garden flowers, served as his touchstone and is reminiscent in the carpet from the Museum's collection on which this design is based.

Ardabil: Though contemporary in its look and feel, this geometrically patterned rug is a replication of a design that originated in the Northwest corner of Iran and was popular in Europe and America during the 19th century. Its subtle blues and purples, together with a wide range of ivory and earth tones, impart an antique quality with a patina of time.

Northwest Persian: This Northwest Persian Masterpiece features a large central medallion and four quarter medallions on an intricate red field. The medallions are edged with an ornamental border that appears to derive from Chinese cloud motifs with split-leaf motifs (Rumi) in the field. A multitude of colors; red, orange, mustard yellow, dark purple, bright dark blue, medium blue, dark green, medium green, dyed mustard yellow, and white appear throughout the large carpet. The wefts are dark red wool and selvages are original.

Indienne: This rug has detailed medallions, a floral motif, symmetrical patterns, and multiple borders which distinguishes it to be from the Oushak region of northwest Turkey. Popular in Europe from the 1500s onward, some undoubtedly made their way to the Virginia colony. Our design is inspired by an 18th-century carpet in the Colonial Williamsburg Foundation collection. Design © The Colonial Williamsburg Foundation.

7.125" x 10.25" x .16"