Frida Kahlo Coloring Book

$ 21.99

Channel your inner artist and recreate some of the most famous artwork from the master Frida Kahlo. Inspired by the nature and artifacts of her country, Mexico, she tought herself how to capture all the life and emotions she witnessed. 

This coloring book is printed on thick, high-quality paper, allowing you to use any medium you line. Pencils, watercolors, paint, ink, there is no limit to your creativity.

Includes 12 masterpieces:

  • Dos Mujeres -1928
  • Frieda and Diego Rivera -1931
  • Magnolias -1945
  • Me and My Parrots -1941
  • Self Portrait as a Tehuana -1943
  • Self Portrait, Dedicated to Dr.Eloesser - 1940
  • Self Portrait withMonkeys - 1943
  • Still Life with Parrot and Fruit -1951
  • The Broken Column -1944
  • The Frame -1938
  • Two Fridas -1939
  • The Wounded Deer -1946

Need a little help? Use these reference images. We won't tell anybody!

Coloring Book - Frida Kahlo (PDF)