Long Moonglow Bob Earrings

$ 55.00

The 'Bob' Drop Earrings feature vintage, 1960's moonglow pieces from our collection in an almost Mondrian style earring. One piece is used for the stud and it meets the other piece that acts as a plum 'bob' weighted 'back'. Each vintage piece is hand-drilled handset in Arizona. The 'long' size measures just about 2.5 to 3 inches from end to end with the front studs averaging about 8mm in size and the 'backs' ranging in size form 16-18mm. These earrings were sourced from the US during the 1960's and early 80's, adding to their lightweight and enjoyable wear. Elevate your look and show off your individuality with these stylish earrings.


About the Artist
Lettie Lovendale is a jewelry line born of leftovers. In 2004, designer & bead store owner, Heather DeSimone discovered a warehouse which wanted to sell it's entire contents of vintage plastic jewelry components. 40,000 lbs of Beads, unfinished hoops, & geometric flat shapes, but most were not bead-store-ready. After researching old manufacturing & hand-making techniques used in the 60's-80's, Heather started Leetie Lovendale. A line of jewelry made modern for today from vintage lucite parts.

Crafted in Tempe, Arizona.