Aqua Chalcedony with Gold Circle Earrings

$ 195.00

The Manjusha Collection designed by Joey Chawla is handcrafted in Jaipur, India by skilled artisans using new and traditional techniques passed down for generations. The collection recreates high end traditional designs and presents a contemporary collection appropriate for any occasion.

The metal used is sterling silver with a one-micron 22kt gold plating, creating a matte, yet bright finish so the stones can be showcased. The gemstones are carefully chosen depending on the season and market, ranging from faceted cabochons to rough gemstones, and are not all calibrated, leaving room for asymmetrical organic shapes. Some of the designs are cast, while others are handcrafted..

Manjusha Jewels believes in ethical and sustainable practices and takes great care to ensure that products are made with the highest quality materials and techniques that respect the environment and the people who make them.  Each piece of jewelry is crafted with love and passion.  They are proud to support their local community by providing fair wages and safe working conditions.

Because the jewelry is silver, we recommend that it be kept in a plastic zip lock bag for storage, away from moisture and air.  Any good quality liquid silver jewelry cleaner can be used to remove mild tarnish. 

1.5" diameter