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Dragon Chinese Yi Xing Teapot

Dragon Chinese Yi Xing Teapot

$ 45.00

Yi Xing is a City in China located in Jiangsu, Province. It is known throughout the world for the deposits of rich clay in its surrounding landscape. Yi Xing clay has distinct properties that make it the world's most popular material for teaware. 

Just as a cast iron frying pan absorbs and enhances the flavors of food over time, Yi Xing clay does the same with tea. Tea enthusiasts are fond of Yi Xing clay's ability to absorb the natural flavor of tea - making each subsequent pour more flavorful. 

Yi Xing is durable but should still be treated kindly. Because of the clay's ability to absorb flavors, the use of strong soap or cleaning agents is not recommended. Rinsing in hot water and patting dry after each use is preferred. 

  • 6.5" x 4" x 3.5"