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Inspiring Patterns: The Modern Art Colouring Book

$ 14.95

Based on modern and contemporary art masterpieces, this collection of hypnotic and intricate patterns provides the perfect canvas for coloring-book enthusiasts of all ages. People all over the world are turning to coloring books not only to satisfy their creative impulses but also as a way of relieving and soothing the stresses of everyday life. This book offers hours of coloring opportunities using the shapes and forms of some of the world’s great modern and contemporary artists. The dots of Chuck Close, the helixes and spirals of M.C. Escher, the playful lines of Calder and Miró, and even the splatters of Jackson Pollock are translated into boldly lined and enthralling illustrations. Including dozens of patterns, this coloring book is the perfect gift for anyone yearning to nurture their inner artist and find relaxation in art.

Hardcover 96 Pages